Mikael Cormont

Mikael Cormont is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Advanced Practitioner Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Paris, France & Arcueil, France
Mikael Cormont


At the end, all what we want is to feel happier...


It's why we are doing what we do, it's why we try to create things, reach goals, get challenge or achieve dreams. To feel happier, to fall more in love with our live, to experiment more fun, joy and love.

All are emotions, great emotions, positive emotions that can help us to move and take actions. Sometimes we consider that we have to be successful to become happier, but when you interviewed people who are truly successful, most of them tell that they become successul (in their own terms) because they were happier first.

It's why we use this expression "humans being" because we have emotions, we feel it somewhere in our body and depend on which type of emotions we may have, we want to danse, sing, move , as we feel so energized - Remember the first time you fall in love, I pretty sure you felt so much energy that push you to take some crazy and exiting actions - don't you.

And the thing is that we have an energy body, and what we feel and consider as an emotion is the mirror of the "well being" if I can say that of our energy body. Basically, we assume that when the energy body is healthy, stronger, etc. our emotions are super positives and we feel good - at the opposite, when the energy body is not in a good shape, well we have negatives and stressfull emotions and we tend to feel less better or extremely bad.


Then the main idea, the main mission is to help you to feel a bit better

as we said "we don't need to solve a problem, just to evolve it".


And frankly it would be so great if all of us can feel better, happier, if we can feel more joy and finally more love.

It's not a magic pill, but Energy EFT do that - that's help to help the energy body to feel better, so your emotions change and your feeling. And It's all start by raising our energy level in this thing we call the energy body.

I discovered the concept of energy body in 2008 when I took for the first a training with Sandra Hilawi on Emotrance ( now it became EMO for Energy in Motion), at this time my dream was to become a coach, and I followed a full training from NLP Practitioner to NLP Coach in Montreal. 

Few years later, after I read few hundred books about personal developement, business, spirituality and esotericism, got x training and conferences, did some spiritual retreats, etc. I realized the power of this simple concept of energy body and that's all is energy. If we can change our energy level, and by the way change our emotional state, and finally change our attitude, decisions, actions, get more clarity and so on - well that's fantastic and that's make sense with everything else with the same mission or vision to serve and help people to feel happier, and co-create their dream.

So I became a trainer with GoE and explored more this Energy things with Postive EFT, Energy EFT Fundation and Energy EFT Master Practitioner.

Now as an Energist, Coach, Author and International Trainer I teach and offer training with Energy EFT, workshop and seminar to "de-stress & feel good", as I'm happy to have powerful coaching conversation and super focused Energy EFT session.

If you want to explore this modern Energy work, if you want to discover this little thing that everybody can do to help to feel a bit better by raising your energy level of your energy body, feel free to contact me and enroll in this fantastic journey with the Energy EFT Foundation training course.

And if you want a super focused Energy EFT session, let's have it on Skype and call me to make it happen.


I can offer the following training at the moment live or online with Skype or similar (like Zoom):

Energy EFT Foundation course (Pre-requisite for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner)

Postive EFT

Energy EFT Master Practitioner


I like to work with small group of people to get enough time to explore deeper and practice more, and particularly with online training where 10 people is the maximum limit.

Training can be teach in two languages : French and English (with a small french accent :)


Few things about me :

- I like so much to read that I can read 2  to 3 books a week

- I ran 3 Marathons - best time was at Roma in 3h30

- I wrote and self published 3 books in the self help field - one is call "Trouver sa voie"

- I 'm a certified NLP Coach with IDCOM Isabelle David Montreal

- I had a great fun to follow the Postive EFT, Energy Foundation & Energy EFT Master Practioner training

- I did a Vipassana retreat for 10 days 

- I have a dream that people aspire to more joy and happiness, de-stress, feel good and better and create this dream that put a big smile on their faces


Have a super great day 

You Rock



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